How to protect your luxury table and dining chairs set

2019-06-30 22:11:00
Summary :what is the most common thing that happens to dining tables when you have kids? These are the things we want to protect against. especially for our luxury dining furniture set.
What is the most common thing that happens to dining tables when you have kids? These are the things we want to protect against. Things like:
  • spills
  • crayon
  • markers
  • Pen marks
  • Scotch, packaging, duck tape residue (oh yes, I’ve scraped many a tape  off our tables over the years)
  • Nicks
  • Cuts
  • Scratches
  • Playdough smeared into the cracks
  • Burn marks

we all have the same purpose in mind. We want to protect the beauty of our Dining table and chairs. We don’t want all that money we spent to go to waste in the first month of use!

Now I have tried various table cloths. But it was always the same. They were fabric. So when the table got dirty I have to do another load of laundry. Laundry! I hate laundry. Plus kids spill food, and it stains the table cloth. It was getting expensive to keep buying new fabric table cloths at $10-20 a piece for the size we needed.

So then I used the inexpensive table clothes that are a plastic type on one side, but a fuzzy flannel fabric on the back. These worked for a few days. But the kids still started to draw on them. The plastic was thin and cut easily. The kids just hit the fork on the table and they split open! Plus it is hard to find them when you need a replacement, and you often need to replace them.

Finally, I noticed these super cute Vinyl plastic rolls in the craft section of Walmart. They are thick plastic that makes wiping up the table super easy. Plus they have clear, or patterned designs so I can make my table look elegant. And the Vinyl is extra thick so I knew the kids wouldn’t be cutting through it as easily. Not to mention they were inexpensive. Just $2-3 per yard! And I only needed 2 yards for my table. How is that for easy Mom tips to protect your table?

So I got my first 2 yards and laid it on my table. It easily formed to my table and I have had the same vinyl covering table cloth for the last 2 years! The kids have not been able to cut through it with their silverware. And if they draw on it, I can easily clean it off.

It’s had paint spilled, food smeared, magic markers, pen, and more! And with a little cleaner, baking soda, and a wet rag I’ve been able to get it all off! And the Vinyl Table covering is still going.

Not to mention that thanks to its thickness, the Vinyl has protected my table from all this mess, scratches, nicks and more. Now my table still looks amazing underneath and I have an inexpensive yet still elegant table covering!

So I have heard several of you say that you have not been able to find the Vinyl plastic at your local Walmart. Apparently, with Walmart downsizing their craft section, many of them don’t carry these any longer.

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